Sunday, May 06, 2012

My shot at the supermoon

I rented a
sigma 70-200 lens from Crown Camera to shoot the supermoon last night. I had gone out the night before to practice shooting the moon and realized my canon 18-135 just wasn't going to give me enough zoom.  Fyi the Sigma ex apo dg 70-200 f2.8 macro hsm lens weighs 3 lbs! fortunately it came with a tripod collar, a uv filter and a nice case and bonus! Crown Cam is not open on Sunday so I get to keep it until Monday for the reasonable price of $20! So, yeah, I will do some more shooting with it today. This is definitely the best image I have ever shot of the moon, tho I am struggling with post processing. I have Photoshop Elements 9, Canon's Digital Photo Professional that came with my camera and I downloaded a trial of Lightroom 4. Lr will probably be the winner, but I don't get how it works yet...

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