Saturday, April 18, 2009

Acrylic landscape paintings

I recently invested in a full color palette of Chroma Interactive Acrylics, and have been testing them for outdoor use. I like being able to layer paint quickly, yet these paints will also wash off or blend after drying with a little water or the unlocking formula (smells like alcohol). It's wonderful to use these paints as a watercolor type wash, then go over with brush and knife like acrylic or oil. My fav surface so far is gessoed masonite, I like to apply the gesso in a random fashion to create some texture; also used Ampersand Claybord and Gessobord, and some canvas panels.
To keep the piles of paint from drying too quickly, I covered them with a squeeze of Thick Slow Medium, a gel that does what it's name says. Overall, I am really pleased with these paints, and will continue to use them.
Artist Jan Blencowe encouraged me to give these paints a try for outdoor work. She is an artist and teacher I met on