Sunday, October 26, 2008

hello, hello, hello, hello

This week I am preparing for the Art on the Wildside show held at the Gaia Hotel in Anderson next Saturday. I don't know what to expect, as this is the first art fair venue I have done. The show is a benefit for Shasta Wildlife Rescue and I am hoping folks will come thru for them. It will be valuable experience at any rate. There is quite a lot to do to prepare for a show and tho I am thrifty, there are inevitable costs as well. My paintings and I will be ready! I have painted a few new pieces, and pulled out some nice landscape studies done in the past, so I feel my booth is a good reflection of my art vision. Being my first foray into the art show arena, I did not have a budget for the $1,000 set-up, so I've repurposed some shelving units and whatnot and am coming in under $200. Yay!