Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Morning, Lake California oil painting

A gorgeous spring day, and time to paint, heavenly!
10x12" oil on a high quality Raymar canvas panel.
This is a pond near the front gate of Lake California, a small community in Northern California.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Entry in American Cancer Society collage fundraiser

A collage I made for an ACS fundraiser, more info on this later. 8"x10" bookcloth, paper, matboard, beads.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Landscape oil painting "End of the Road"

The first plein air of spring 09, what a treat to paint this afternoon. Oil on sanded paper mounted on masonite, 9x12" painted from a dead end road in Lake California.
$150.00 thru paypal's secure site. I will foot the shipping bill :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leaf/Katie Project Mixed Media artwork

Mixed media is interesting to do, so open ended and tho you may have a plan, it builds itself spontaneously as well. The media interact in ways the artist may not control, but she/he ultimately decides when the work is finished. The layers of "stuff" feel like something beyond the mere visual, something about the bits peeking out from under I find very appealing. I also like using words and my handmade paper and incorporating a drawing or painting into the work--makes it seem like more than one moment, a culmination of my art work, a little "herstory". Katie is my daughter who died of leukemia in 1999 when she was 15. She was a wonderful artist, we did a lot of art and craft projects together.
I don't know how well the dried leaves will hold up, most were dried in the microwave, and both applied and covered with acrylic medium. I attempted to paint with thread and gold paint on top, it did not work well, probably should've used string or maybe wire curled into a shape.
Materials include: modeling paste, acrylic paint, packaging, gold leaf, dried leaves, rose petals, paper, handmade paper, a poem, a drawing, a flower catalog page. All on a wrapped linen canvas, 11x14". This is now hanging on the wall, and I really love the personal statement it makes. So much more than a photo or even a painted portrait, it's something like a scapbook memory page that is hanging up for visual enjoyment, rather than stuck in a book on a shelf. I am calling this "Art Flotsam" making art from trash, recycled materials, keepsakes, and what-have-you. An economical way to create art.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mixed Media Collage, project Rauchenberg

What a kick to create in mixed media, I was excited the whole time working on this piece. Taking chances, trying things, mixing metaphors and supplies, it's like an art party for one! I love all the parts and I love the finished piece also, it's for Gary Reef's Project Rauchenberg on Youtube. Check it out; Gary has a lot of videos on youtube re: mixed media techniques. He's innovative and personable; well worth watching.
My collage includes, paint skin, packaging materials, a magazine page sculpture, a brochure photo, an acrylic painting on sabretooth paper, a catalog page, a postage stamp, a drawing from
my Novel Art Journal, a pic from my business card, my name in bar code, acrylic paint and mica pigment. All mounted on a 14"x11" birch painting panel.
I tried to create a rich and interesting surface and I am very pleased with the outcome. The challenge was to create a self-portrait out of recycled materials a la Robert Rauchenberg. These projects will be hung in a gallery in So Cal, and sold for charity next fall.