Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mixed Media Collage, project Rauchenberg

What a kick to create in mixed media, I was excited the whole time working on this piece. Taking chances, trying things, mixing metaphors and supplies, it's like an art party for one! I love all the parts and I love the finished piece also, it's for Gary Reef's Project Rauchenberg on Youtube. Check it out; Gary has a lot of videos on youtube re: mixed media techniques. He's innovative and personable; well worth watching.
My collage includes, paint skin, packaging materials, a magazine page sculpture, a brochure photo, an acrylic painting on sabretooth paper, a catalog page, a postage stamp, a drawing from
my Novel Art Journal, a pic from my business card, my name in bar code, acrylic paint and mica pigment. All mounted on a 14"x11" birch painting panel.
I tried to create a rich and interesting surface and I am very pleased with the outcome. The challenge was to create a self-portrait out of recycled materials a la Robert Rauchenberg. These projects will be hung in a gallery in So Cal, and sold for charity next fall.

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