Friday, September 18, 2009

Lenn Goldmann Painting Workshop

I attended an awesome painting workshop this week, sponsored by Avenue 9 Gallery in Chico as a part of this year's paint-out event. The workshop was held at a beautiful estate in Cohasset, a tiny community in the mountains about 20 minutes from Chico. The instructor, Lenn Goldmann is a highly qualified successful artist and teacher with 40 years painting experience; as if that were not impressive enough, he brought an artist friend, Waif Mullins, who is an accomplished pastelist and oil painter, to help out. The class was primarily about design; Lenn lectured for 30 or 40 min, gave us some great handouts explaining how to create pathways in our paintings, etc. Then we chose a spot on the grounds and painted or drew for a couple of hours. Lenn and Waif came around to each of us, offering suggestions. After a lunch break, some of us chose another location for a second painting; soon we gathered together for a critique session. There were about 8 people in the workshop and everyone chimed in with ideas, it was a pretty relaxed, friendly group. I feel this workshop has re-energized me in regard to my painting work, am planning to do a lot of painting this weekend. On Sunday I'm going to a paint-out on a ranch in Orland, yippee! The photos are the paintings I did, tho the lamp one I re-worked @ home.

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