Friday, November 07, 2008

Shows Over

There, now, time to relax a bit. Art on the Wildside bravely opened on Nov 1st despite the economy and politics and stormy weather. Unfortunately, it was not well attended. Maybe 100 people came-an estimate provided by one of my peer exhibitors. There were a few sales, small prints and such; I did not sell any paintings. Good refreshments and wine, and the Gaia Hotel is nice. They have a lake with swans in the center of the property, very pretty. I enjoyed meeting some fellow artists and looking at their work. I forgot to take my camera, and apparently did something wrong when I borrowed my sister's cam so don't have any pix to post. :(
It was valuable experience however, and I'm glad I did it. Thanks go to my niece, Barbara, for helping me all day and Linda at Shasta Wildlife Rescue for inviting me to participate.

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