Thursday, November 29, 2007

Artbyus Auction Venue

Everyone has heard of ebay but it has become so huge that individual artists work can be hard to find. It is also expensive to list items. I prefer Artbyus as a more art friendly location for both buyers and sellers. I have some paintings listed at artbyus with starting bids as low as $35.00!
"My Little Kitty" 5.5"x7.5" oil on gessoed watercolor paper. A daily painting from 2005.

check it out and help contemporary self-representing artists continue to create art!

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Mitch said...

Beautiful! I have my parent’s 50th anniversary coming up. I want it to be great! My sisters wanna turn a photo into a painting. My eldest sis thinks it’s romantic – she got proposed by her boyfriend (now her fiance) with a ring and a great painting by these guys. Do turn photos into paintings? Thanks, Mitch