Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Entry Bridge at Lake California 2

A studio piece from the plein air I did yesterday, this painting is more colorful and really says "spring"! 8"x10" oil on raymar panel.

for sale $95.00 usd free shipping in usa!


bj said...

You do such beautiful work!!

Just yesterday I tried the "amazing 3 colors" while painting en plein air. Today I did a small studio painting using this very limited palette. I like it!! It does take some practice, doesn't it? Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Shelly said...

Hi I really like your blog and was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?
Thanks, Shelly

bj said...

Yes, I'd love to add my blog to your directory.

I'll add your blog to mine also.

Spring is all around and the colors are so soft and wonderful. Just gotta get outside and paint!!