Thursday, November 23, 2006

tgive 06 snow on lassen

plein air joy,
oil on gessoed panel, 9x12". new home, new painting, new life. strangely wonderful.


H Malott said...

Love it!!!

catnapping said...

Years ago, I used to live at Beale AFB, and then Yuba City, California...and once could still see Lassen from there (Yuba City). But that was in the early 60s.

Their valley is now too polluted. In fact, it's polluted 365 days of the year. I've flown into Sacramento...right through the pink haze that blankets their valley, and once on the ground, was greeted by friends all happy that I'd come on such a "clear, beautiful day."

I didn't have the heart to tell them that they'd forgotten what a clear sky looks like - that the horizen is supposed to be blue.

Your painting is scrumptious, and reminds me of those days when people could see Lassen for miles and miles.