Monday, August 29, 2005

burrito, time bandito

did a woodcut/printmaking project today and it stole my oil painting time. so i decided to show it here for a change of pace. mistakes were made, but it was FUN. first i carved away the parts i wanted to remain the cream color of the paper, and rolled on some sticky gray ink. pressed a piece of printmaking paper onto it, and rubbed the back til it transferred. did this twice so i could have 2 proofs, then i had to wait for the ink to dry, and carved away the part on the block that i wanted to remain gray. rolled out black ink this time, and overprinted on the gray layer. so there can only ever be 2 of these, as the wood is carved away.
the printed area is 8"x12". blick water soluble printmaker's ink, black and white. mixed for the gray.

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